WEGETYAHEARD Presents SXSW WEEKEND March 19th-21st

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

WGYH is currently booking performance opportunities for 3 separate events during SXSW. All weekend artists will be able to perform, network and expand their brand.

WeGetYaHeard and WellConnected Showcase -Thurs

WGYH is partnering with WellConnected and presenting a showcase on 6th St. At Peckeeheads on Thursday. All performances will be streamed live and added to all WGYH Media platforms.

WeGetYaHeard -Feeding the Streets w/ COA BOI ✔️ Fri-Sat

Come perform at the nations biggest independent music festival !! Let your voice be heard in the most crowded areas of the festival on the busiest nights.

WeGetYaHeard /Gangstavilleradio Media Villa-Sat

WGYH Party is always one of the talks of SXSW where artists bloggers, Dj’s & top music executives meet. This year will be no different with radio shows, host & dj’s from GR & other media doing interviews, going live & recording artist that will be aired for months to come. Plus a photo shoot!

Any artist interested in performing please contact us on the site or email wegetyaheardtours@gmail.com

To book your slot & perform click the link below .


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