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WeGetYaHeard Atlanta A3C Fashion & Flow

It isn't a secret that WGYH’s Fashion and Flow was a major success. Its success is accredited to the artists, models, and DJ’s, vendors, team and volunteers that participated. Several vendors including Pink Hookah, Sexy Talk Margaritas, and Life Infused provided great product and services. WGYH promo team hit up the A3C events in in the Englewood section of Atlanta the night before then turned up at the WGYA mansion the next day. Fashion and Flow consisted debut collections of two Atlanta Fashion Designers.

Crystal Harris of Nya Nya Couture debuted her new Street Collection. Ben'a Klier CEO of House of La'Rue Fashions and Blaq Orchid Productions presented her new Collection as well. Crowd control credit goes to DJ Stanun, Mike Trees, DJ Roc, Crum.com and Lil Zane. Make sure to subscribe and become a member to keep updated with upcoming events, showcases, festivals, fashion events and parties. Photo credit @Komputer_luv

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