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Summer Walker’s Social Anxiety and Bad Hygiene Angers Fans over the Weekend

Over the Weekend Summer Walker arrived late, gave an awful performance and lastly ends her performance early. Bossip reported that according

to multiple different accounts from attendees, Summer–who was scheduled to perform at 5:30 pm on October 26–showed up to her set approximately 20 minutes late. After performing only a handful of songs, she angrily stormed off stage, yelling to her team about how the sound people were messing up. Even though she didn’t inform the crowd of this, that walk-off was the end of her set–so not only did she arrive late, but she ended things early, too. There are many celebrities who suffer from social anxiety including Oprah Winfrey.

Fans have been noticing on her Social accounts some poor hygiene and Summer‘s admittance only solidified their speculation that she is as dirty as she looks. Summer Walker took to IG to share that she doesn’t like to shower, and instead has a showering bowl that she uses to clean herself. Pictures are attached. What do you think will happen with Summer Walker? Will her fans continue to support her? Will her team reach out to help her? Leave comments.

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