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PowerFest Sunday Starring SNF JT and Midwest Artists

Tonight, Sunday, Oct. 4th WeGetYaHeard and Bankrowe Records is presenting a showcase and live concert performance from newly signed artist SNF JT at the Backstage on Broadway from 9p-midnight in Gary, Indiana.  This will be the first time SNF JT will be performing back in his hometown of Gary, IN.  Special guest performances includes @Timmy sheltoe, @kingsmen219 @suupasolo @ iamhalodrippy @FAiF, @Booyowlrp, @Young Gullie, @KayceeJ, @Bosse E, and more. Hosted by @bankroweevents_ @bosslifedon & @djroc219. SPECIAL Guest , Biggsradio,.com, WGYH Show , Status UpDate , Rio in Da Kitchen , Bankrowe Barbies, A Status Update Exclusive, Tee Time Podcast, Hoosier Favorite? Podcaset.

Come out and support the movement!!

Click here For Tickets

All performance slots are filled. Check out future events on the site!!! We Can Get Ya Heard. Visit the Event Page of the website for future shows!!

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