Blueface Allegedly Said Cardi B's Twerk Wind Stunk

Cardi B and Los Angeles rapper Blueface have a new song out - Thotiana, and they recently filmed it together in Los Angeles. The two seemed to be friends.

But according to the hip hop website, Blueface is not happy with how the video shoot went down. The website claims Blueface said that Cardi B's butt was stinking.

The popular hip hop website claims to have interviewed Blueface, and he allegedly made disparaging comments towards Offset's wife.

Here's what the website reported:“It was cool but Cardi B’s twerk wind had the whole set smelling like dead raccoons. I know she a blood but shorty smell like blood too. It was sad because she too fine and real for that” says Blueface. 

In case you are wondering, "twerk wind" is the rush of air that is released when a woman twerks her butt. Blueface allegedly suggested that the air behind Cardi's twerking butt was foul smelling.

So far neither Blueface nor Cardi have commented about the report.

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